If you are going to feed buy a pig! Why you should NOT feed grain to your horse Horses are herbivores. Their systems are designed to eat and digest forage. As wild horses evolved, they ate forage, not grains. Only recently has man opted to feed grain to horses – likely because that is what other domesticated animals are commonly fed. like a pig, your horse Feeding Square Meal Feeds is convenient and easy Square Meal Feeds come in biscuit form and are packaged in 40-lb. recyclable bags. Square Meal is designed to be fed free-choice 24/7 – just like grazing in the wild. With Square Meal Feeds, every mouthful is the same, so it is a consistent form of forage. Square Meal is low in starch and sugar and is fed by weight, not by bale. There is little waste with Square Meal, and you'll appreciate the reduced storage space required and the clean handling. Square Meal is also easy to transport, so your horse can stay on the same diet while traveling. A horse's system is designed to digest forage, not grain Horses have a relatively small stomach and small intestine but a large hindgut (large intestine and cecum). Horses do best when they eat small meals many times per day. As horses graze on forage, the food passes quickly through the stomach and small intestine and into the hindgut, a large vat where fermentation and digestion occur. Grain, on the other hand, which is made up primarily of starches and sugars, must be digested in the stomach and small intestine. Because food travels so quickly through a horse's stomach and small intestine, digestion of grain is inefficient. Horses are not designed to eat grain. Nor are they "meal" eaters. Developed by a veterinarian and fifth-generation farmer Square Meal Feeds were developed by a veterinarian and fifth-generation family farmer whose cropping program focuses on forage production. All Square Meal Feed products were developed with a keen interest in equine nutrition and a strong belief that the best medicine is prevention and that prevention starts with the right nutrition. Square Meal Feeds are forage-based, complete feeds that give your horse everything it needs – and nothing it doesn't Square Meal Feeds are forage-based, complete horse feeds made primarily of alfalfa and grass. Alfalfa is a legume that produces its own nitrogen and protein. Both alfalfa and grass are cellulose-type plant structures, which are not efficiently digested in simple-stomach animals. The forage in Square Meal Feeds passes rapidly through the stomach and small intestine to the hindgut, for fermentation and digestion of the available nutrients. Supported by a decade of research Feeding your horse Square Meal Feeds not only makes sense from a horse physiology standpoint, it is also supported by a decade of research at multiple major universities, including Rutgers University, North Carolina State University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This research found that Square Meal Feeds provide numerous nutritional and feed-efficiency benefits. It also validated the nutritional safety of adopting a forage diet. Square Meal Feeds has a feed for every horse Square Meal Feeds are available in four formulas – there is one that is right for your horse: Next Generation is designed specifically for young foals up to 2 years old. Happy Horse is the all-around Square Meal Feed and maintenance formula. Equine Winner was developed for high-performance horses. Senior Supper is formulated for mature horses. To learn more about feeding your horse forage-based Square Meal Feeds, go to www.squaremealfeeds.com Horse Digest www.PerformanceHorseDigest.com 67