Foundation by Addison Fjelstad This month has been really productive for me and Latte, but more in the improvement way. I feel like this month has been a lot of working on skills that we have already built a platform for, but growing on them. One thing that we have really improved on would be out lunging. She would do it before but I really focused on it and now she will trot around me in a nice circle without pulling away. She has also really improved on using the word whoa to stop. This is something that will be really helpful for when I break her because that is one of the ways that we get our horses to stop. She has also improved on standing still. I can now set her up and she will stand completely still while I walk around her, pick up her feet, or even walk completely away. This took a bit more time than the rest and a lot of backing and walking away before she got the hang of it, but now she really understands and responds well to it. I haven’t made any changes to her feed program this month, but I have been looking into some. A Purina representative comes to the barn that I work at and has been talking a lot about Purina Ultium growth, which is supposed to help the growth of the horse both muscular and bone wise as well as health wise and is specially formulated to be mixed with strategy, which is what I am feeding her right now. The representative talked to me about the great benefits of this feed and the ratio that it should be fed in when mixed as a top feed with my strategy. I am hoping to start her on it in the next few weeks. Latte is kept on pasture all day and all night. She is grained and hayed morning and night and this seems to really be working for her. She is pastured with my little miniature pony and they get along really well. While she is in the pasture I work a lot on just catching her. One of the most annoying problems for me is when I get a horse that refuses to be caught in the pasture, so I have really been working with her on this. She will walk right up to me when I go to the pasture and doesn’t try to duck away and or run off at any point. This is a something that I hope she retains throughout her life. Later this month will be her first show. I plan to just show her in the yearling halter class and I am super excited for it. I feel that she is going to do really well and that it will be a positive experience for both me and her. It will be good for her to get out again with other horses and to see what kind of attention span she will have in that sort of an environment. I plan to work more on cleaning up her trotting and getting ready for this show. Building On Our Thanks to SunUp Ranch, Brainard,MN for giving Addison this Filly to raise and train, AQHA for putting such a great program in place and Monty Bruce, Northwood, IA for being the AQHA Professional Horseman giving guidance. AQHA Young Horse Development Program is for older AQHYA members who want to participate in a hands-on horse training opportunity that will teach the fundamentals of horsemanship. The youth will have the chance to showcase their skills and knowledge acquired at designated events where they can earn scholarships and prizes. AQHYA members have the chance to receive a free weanling from several generous AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders. To be eligible to receive a free foal, youth applicants must submit their applications to receive a foal by late Summer. The second way youth can participate in the Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program is to purchase a Ranching Heritage Challenge-nominated foal from a Ranching Heritage Breeder before early Fall. Visit for information on this programs and forms to participate. 54 Issue 6 • 2015 Email Campaigns Available.