CONTENTS 8 Introducing Your Horse to the Hackamore by Al Dunning Whether the hackamore is used during a horse’s first training session or his hundredth, and regardless of how well-broke he might be in the snaffle, the hackamore requires introduction to the horse. Table of On the cover... Raymond Sutton Quarter Horses and Paints See centerfold for details 20 Perfecting the Circle by Richard Winters This last winter I was asked to help coach the Equestrian class at Feather River College in Quincy, California. 34 Revealing Your Horse’s Aptitude by Linda Parelli Just like people, some horses are more suitable for certain jobs or activities, and trying to make a horse do something that he doesn’t have the aptitude for can make things challenging. 26 Focus On Your Horse by Doug Lindgren Projects seem to be the name of the game here at Hay Creek Ranch. In the last month I’ve ridden or worked with twelve different horses. 14 Good Hands, Good Horses Proper Bits by Monty Bruce When it comes to the horse world there are few things more numerous than bits. 38 Horses and Tornado Preparedness by Wisconsin Equine In the wake of the recent outbreak of tornados around the country and the path of devastation that has been caused because of these horrific storms, we would like to review some emergency preparedness tips for horse owners, to ensure that you and your horse are safe, should a tornado occur. 16 Perfect Practice Makes Perfect by Martha Josey Every barrel racer to ever climb on a horse and enter the arena wants to go faster. Barrel racing athletes will work hours on end to cut a fraction off their time. 28 A Good Horse Is A Good Horse by Craig Cameron The mechanics of the horse revolve around how the horse is built and how his body works, just as the nature of the horse pertains to the horse’s psyche and how the horse’s mind works. 42 Counterbending Basics by Clinton Anderson Goal: To be able to tip the horse’s nose in one direction and push his shoulders around in a circle in the opposite direction at both the walk and trot. 18 Take a Drive Up The Middle by Barbra Schulte Driving up and away from the body of the herd can be a challenge. 32 Lameness With No Visible Injuries by Jim Masterson With any accident that results in lameness the first thing to do is to have the horse examined by a veterinarian. SUBSCRIBE to our blog for DAILY HORSE TIPS and GIVEAWAYS at Follow Us Horse Digest on Google + 4 Issue 6 • 2015 Subscribe to Performance Horse Digest on our website at or complete and mail in the form on page 65. “proud” member of The American Horse Publications Assoc.