keeping the relationship with your horse intact or, better still, improving it. Horsenality™ Aptitude Chart Extrovert: Fast or Long Distance Introvert: Slow or Short Distance Left Brain: Variety Right Brain: Repetition Left Brain Extrovert Naturally Excels at: LIBERTY Eventing Combined Driving Cross Country Jumping Reined Cow Horse Cutting Versatility Right Brain Extrovert Naturally Excels at: ONLINE Pole Bending Flag Racing Airs above the Ground (Haute Ecole) Left Brain Introvert Naturally Excels at: FREESTYLE Competitive Trail Mounted Police Horse Trail Riding Barrel Racing Roping Bulldogging Therapeutic Riding Pony-Horse (Racetrack) Driving/Draft Right Brain Introvert Naturally Excels at: FINESSE Dressage Western Pleasure Hunter Trail Class Endurance Ranch Work Kid’s Horse Reining Pat Parelli, coiner of the term “natural horsemanship”, founded his program based on a foundation of love, language and leadership. Parelli Natural Horsemanship allows horse owners at all levels of experience to achieve success with their at-home educational program. Together with his wife Linda, Pat has spread PNH across the globe with campuses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Newly launched in 2011, provides an online social forum packed with training tools, step-by-step to do lists, video and more. Log on today for your FREE 30-day trial at www. Horse Digest 35