Hey, I need to get back to my original topic. I was focused on my projects and how they all get better with time. Well, it’s true. The paint mare changed in just one trail ride and I only rode her for half of it, about two and a half hours. She started out not knowing anything when we left camp and when we returned she was moving out like an old trail pony. What caused the change? Time spent focused on her and time in the saddle. She got a job and she figured out how to do her job because that’s what I asked her to do. Just good old common sense and some sound horsemanship brought my paint mare around to become a valued partner. Sure, I have lots more rides to make with her before she’ll be as good as she can be, but we’re off to a great start. If I had left her in the stall this morning I would’ve just had another horse in the stall, but by simply taking her out of the stall and giving her a job to do I end the day with one more horse to ride tomorrow and that’s a good thing. The best part is the horse I started the day with was not the horse I rode home. She was better because of the ride. Ride ride ride...ride ride ride and ride ride ride. Simple and concise and appropriate; ride ride ride. Yes, wet saddle blankets do make better horses and you know what? I got better, too, because she taught me some new things along the trail. You see, I never claim to know too much because the horses are my teachers and they never stop teaching. “It’ll Be Fine” when we put in the time and we ride, ride, ride. Doug and Jody Lindgren own and operate Hay Creek Ranch, Nemo, SD and HCR-AZ, Oracle, AZ. Both camps focus on guests vacationing with their own horses. Doug rides year-around, training horses to be great trail horses. Visit www.haycreekranch.net for more information about both locations. Horse Digest www.PerformanceHorseDigest.com 27