show your horse that loping does not always mean circling. Straight lines are very valuable in helping a horse learn good posture and help keep his shoulders picked up. Horses are creatures of habit; bad habits always seem easier to develop than the good habits. A first-rate coach will continually monitor an athletes posture and position, to establish good muscle memory. You’re the coach and these exercises will go a long way in helping your horse be the best athlete possible! Coaching the Colt Starting class at Feather River College For over 30 years Richard has dedicated himself to honing his horsemanship skills and to passing this knowledge on to others. His vast experience includes starting literally hundreds of horses that have gone on to almost every equine discipline imaginable. Richard’s credentials extend from the rodeo arena and high desert ranches of the west to being a highly sought after trainer, horsemanship clinician and expo presenter. Richard Winters’ horsemanship journey has earned him Colt Starting and Horse Showing Championship titles. Obtaining his goal of a World Championship in the National Reined Cow Horse Association became a reality. He is an AA rated judge. Another of Richard’s horsemanship goals was realized with his Road to the Horse Colt Starting Championship win! There is no question to Winters’ qualifications as Horseman’s Host, returning to Road to the Horse as a commentator, for the 5th consecutive year, International travels include Canada, Australia, Mexico, Sweden and Poland where he earned the European International Colt Starting Championship Title. Richard is a “Masterful Communicator” with horses and humans alike! Richard Winters Horsemanship television show can be seen every Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. (PST) and 7:00 P.M. (EST) on Dish Networks HRTV- Channel 398. Richard and his wife Cheryl reside in Reno, Nevada. Horse Digest 21