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Issue 11 2013
Issue 7 2013
{ Dr. Getty, Continued from page 56}
If your horse in underweight, help him
gain weight by:
Adding fat to the diet. Avoid soybean, corn,
or wheat germ oils they are much too high
in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. Choose
flaxseed meal or rice bran (stabilized and
commercially fortified with calcium), or you
can rice bran oil for extra fat.
Pay attention to the hindgut microbial
population because they are responsible
for digesting fiber from forage. Your horse
will not derive calories from hay if the
hindgut microbes are not in good numbers.
A Prebiotic fermentation products that
feed microbes is the best approach toward
helping your horse gain weight.
If your horse is overweight, do not restrict
grass hay.
Have it tested to make sure the NSC
percentage is less than 12%
Feed this low starch hay, free choice, and
allow your horse to self-regulate his intake.
He will do this if given the chance meaning,
he doesn't ever run out of forage.
Offer supplements in a low starch carrier
meal, such as beet pulp or hay pellets (some
alfalfa is good and it is very low in sugar and
Avoid cereal grains, sweet feeds, and sweet
treats (carrots, apples, commercial treats
that contain cereal grains).
Ration Plus // This is a prebiotic to help
underweight horses gain weight. It is also
useful in making feeding transitions (e.g.,
pasture to hay).
Quiessence // This is a magnesium/
chromium preparation that helps overweight
horses to reduce circulating insulin levels
thereby promoting fat burning and lessening
fat storage.
Nutra Flax // This is pure flaxseed meal that
is stabilized (has a 6 month shelf life) and
a small amount of added calcium to correct
for the high phosphorus levels that naturally
exist in flax.
Glanzen Complete // This is a comprehensive
vitamin/mineral preparation that is flaxseed
meal based. It fills in the nutritional gaps
that normally exist in hay.
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